Barcode Scanner
Building up perfect quality barcode scanning feature
A superior SDK which is feature in barcode image scanning, reading, recognition, and decoding. It allows you to add barcode reader features into .NET/Java application with a quick and simple way. We provide rich C#/VB.NET and Java code for your reference of every supported barcode type. .NET Barcode Scanner Java Barcode Scanner
Barcode Creator
Supplying perfect quality barcode creating feature
A deluxe Library which is working in barcode image creating, generating, making and encoding. It supplied you to use barcode generator features into .NET programming with a easy and quick way. Comprehensive examples in C#/VB.NET will do a favor for you. .NET Barcode Creator
PDF to Image
Converting PDF to perfect quality tiff, jpg, bmp, gif and png
A powerful SDK that converts pages in a PDF file to Jpeg, Png, Tiff, Bmp and Gif. It is easy to integrate with .NET/Java applications. Customers can specified each output image size and quality.

.NET PDF to Image Java PDF to Image
Image to PDF
Converting Raster Image to perfect quality PDF document
An advanced Library that add most popular used raster images into PDF document. For the large demand, we provide converting a multi-page tiff to a multi-page PDF directly. Much C#/VB.NET and Java sample code will be helpful.

.NET Image to PDF
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A reliable .NET library, 100% managed code. It's used in one of our projects, providing bar code scanning functionality. The C# sample code provided really helped us a lot.The detecting and decoding of QR Code is pretty fast and accurate. I just need a barcode reader sdk like this.

Our software requires stable feature to put a large amount of PDF files into TIFF images. pqScan .NET PDF to Image is a qualify one. It integrates with the application with no fuss and performs well. The image sizing APIs allows us to generate both original size and customized size versions of images in the program.
John Townsend

It's the second time we choose pqScan. We don't have to spend our budge on what we don't need by buying the one we need. We paid just for what we need. We saved a lot of budget every time and the outcome meet with the product proposal requirement perfectly. The support team is nice and helpful. Thank you a lot!

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